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April 2013

Weather still a bit dodgy so I decided while it is dry to start running in my new Saito FA-56.


I've set up a nice little bench jig that I can fix to my workmate using a couple of G cramps, then after a little fiddling to get the setup right, really rich it started a treat.

I made sure with a tacho that I did not exceed 4,000 RPM while I put through two tanks full of 12% fuel, just finished before the rain started.

After cleaning up and checking all fixings were still secure I added some after run oil to the crank breather and in through the exhaust.

Nice feeling to hear that lovely 4 stroke purr.  Next runs will be with a leaner setting and gradually increasing the RPM..


Just completed a second phase running leaner for 30 mins. So has now run for 40 mins and is run in so can be mounted in my Jodel that is slowly coming off the building board.

I have pasted a video clip of the Saito running.

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