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13/4/13: Fitted the first of the carpets today plus the starter fixing catches.


Instruments back

I received the instruments back from John Marks Tuesday. Wow they look like new, were beautifully packed and I can't wait to get them together with my new dash. Sorry no unwrapped photo, I was too impatient to get them open. Here they are without their transit wrapping.

Box of goodies :-)



Just look at the difference!

Oh yes the clock will now work.

First trial fit.


Spring 2013

Brrr, still too cold to do much but my WIP projects are:

  • Instruments out and being refurbished.
  • Dash part way through tidy up
  • Seats and carpet out
  • New carpet ready to go in.

IMG 0056

Just need a little warmth to motivate further work……

Mmm new dash looking very nice.

IMG 0347


Engine and gearbox refurbish.

DSC 0005

Half Tonnuau

Dash badge

DSC 0024

RAC badge

DSC 0006

Rear 'D' lights

DSC 0019


Updates for 2011


Welded broken real suspension fixing

Found a close paint match and touched up a number of flaking areas.

MG 004


Updates for 2010

Total maintenance check

Steering wheel - replace with one sourced from the US.

DSC 0018

Indent springs and bearings in gearbox to try and stop it popping out of gear.

Replaced gearbox cover as original fell apart.

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