Hornbeam - European


Tree had been poorly trimmed and branch growth very long.

Otherwise healthy and good root structure.

Trunk quite ugly with large bulbous lumps.

Potted in JI No2 mix with sharp sand and good drainage grit layer.



Reduced branch length as it had got quite straggly.

I started using Biogold slow release feed and found this very effective. I saw the health of the tree improve along with the vigour.






I removed some ugly lumps from the trunk, I think this species is prone to sucker growth and if left unchecked they cause local swelling. I covered the wounds with Japanese wound paste.

In order to improve branch ramification I have been pruning new growth hard and encouraging side growth

I changed the feeding regime to a liquid slow release, Low nitrogen weak mix at every watering throughout the growing season. With a single Biogold dressing in the spring.

Late autumn I used a zero nitrogen feed to harden new growth and prepare for winter.



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