Cork Elm


The tree was poorly trimmed and the top was very straggly. Scale insect had infected the tree and its health was not good.

The tree was left for 2005 to recover, during this time I fed the tree and ensured it had plenty of light.

In order to reduce the stress to an already weak tree I reduced 50% of the branches and the other 50% in 2004.



Following branch shortening I concentrated on re-building the structure of the tree. Pinching back hard to improve ramification.

The bark is soft and easily damaged so I used guy wires to bring the branches down.

In order to improve the health and speed trunk increase I initially used Biogold  slow release feed.




In order to improve the root structure I moved to Acadama mix. I also switched to a liquid feed of weak low nitrogen at every watering.

I focused on filling spaces in the branch structure.

Looking ahead the surface roots are a bit one sided so I am considering root grafting or hormone treatment for 2008.

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