Care Guides

Watering guide

This may be rather obvious but bonsai are normal trees grown in a pot just like house plants. Like houseplants they need water or they will die. How much water depends on the bonsai type, where it is, the soil and the climate surrounding it.

For the absolute beginner I suggest you start with some very cheap small bonsai or some house plants. Get used to the water they need.

Plants need to process light and air through their leaves, if the leaves a covered in dust and grime this is very hard. So when you water the tree if you spray the whole tree you will help keep the leaves clean and enable them to produce the energy and sugars the tree needs.

Feed guide

Similar to watering, feeding is important. Too much and the tree will put on very rapid and weak growth, seriously over feeding will cause the roots to stop working, lack of feed will lead to a weak tree prone to bugs and disease.

Feeds I use:


Chempack (range of feeds 2,4,8)

Fish emulsion


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