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The trees are really budding well so I went round my collection trimming out unwanted branches. My process is to cut out all that are just growing in the wrong place [assuming they cannot be wired into the right position]. Next I reduce the top branches to 1-2 buds, cutting just under the 3rd bud. Finally I remove all dead branches taking great care to ensure they are dead and not just slow out of dormancy.

Some of the very top dominant trees like Larch and young deciduous trees I reduce the crown. This help balance the tree as the sap that would have gone to the dominant apex goes to the middle and lower portions of the tree improving the balance.

Waking up 2013

After a really dreadfully wet 2012 and winter the trees are finally waking up.

The buds are swelling, time to carry out any repotting.

I've done much over the last few years so it is only the very young and very vigourous trees that need a check.

I have two forsythia trees that very quickly get potbound. I'll wait until they have bloomed and then check/repot.

A flowering cherry pot disintegrated in the frosts, again I'll repot as soon as it has flowered.

cherry in bloom

Flowering Cherry

A couple of other pots have frost damage, I think it is the ext reed wet of 2012 plus a cold winter. So I've re-potted a hornbeam and a larch into similar size pots and not disturbed the roots.

Now the really cold time is past and just before the leaves break I take a look at all my trees and trim out dieback and any growth that is 'wrong' and can't be repositioned with wire of guide wires.

Over winter the trees are all wedged, using a small wooden wedge to tilt the pot. This helps drainage and reduces water logging in our wet UK winters. I have just removed all the wedges as [I hope] we will get more sun than rain! :-)

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