I have been interested in Bonsai since the early 1980’s but life, a career, children and taxes meant that this was a bit of a background hobby until 2005.

I have a few rather tortured trees from my early attempts and now manage to keep 99.9% alive and have a growing number that thrive.

Below was my collection in the late 1980's, a few have survived!


This is partially a record of their progress, part a prop for my memory and I hope a bit of a guide and inspiration to others with an interest in the Art of Bonsai.

If you are serious about bonsai you will need to obtain some of the fantastic books on the subject, subscribe to a magazine or best of all join a bonsai club where you will gain invaluable advice. 

This area of my site will show my evolving Bonsai collection.

Cultivation tips and information I gather on this fascinating subject.

Please check back and I'll add to this over time, I try to photograph my trees most years and will upload updates for their growing history.

If you have suggestions or feedback please contact me through the Contact Form.

I hope you enjoy my trees half as much as I do, then this will be worth while.



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