Legal Stuff

I had planned apply for the SVA early Jan 2001.
However I decided to switch to plan B, 3 months inactivity over the winter [it was just too cold in the garage!], plus a touch of realism........ now late 2001 early 2002.

I applied for the dreaded test on 21st Sept 2001, expected test date mid-late Nov.
Test date fixed for 22nd November @ Leighton Buzzard.
This was a bit too optimistic, I had a few technical problems [like losing my job!!] so I postponed the date to early Jan 2002, now 1 year behind my first target. But this a hobby not a race right??

I'm conscious of the SVA throughout the build and keep a watch on a number of special interest groups and the Cobra Replica Club site where there is a mine of information.
Also Pilgrim provide a SVA pass kit!

You also need to contact the local DVLA office to sort out the registration, seems like there is some variation between offices. Mine [Northampton] will not come out to inspect the car until it has passed the SVA. I know of others that come out before. Some insist on a MOT [mine does] as well as the SVA.

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