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Aspiration CobraBody onOn StandsAC BadgeEarly wiringBasic bitsBody 1st fitAlternator fuseLooking good!Blown manifoldBootseam stage 2seam stage 2Error correction 1Many hands requiredBody ready to test fitRolling chassis in garageLump in!Body looking goodSVA bonnet handleBonnet stayRad and KenlowsOld and refurb calipermaster cylinderSVA failStoneleigh kit showTub in garageTaking shapePipes protectedblingv8 going inv8 inpre MOTSVACRC LogoWiring!!Blown manifoldManualWowCompletelooking nicesooo nicesooo nice other sideready for SVASVA roundingonto ramp for SVASVA startSVA start 2SVA close lookExam doneExhaust testCover edgesRounded endsNumber plate onBlownMummy wrap corrosionOK and goneV8 tight fitExhaust exitExp tankBobbinsHeat damaged loom protectorNew starterReturn springAir horn temp fitnew 4 branchNew side pipeclose fit pancakenew headerunder wing endHappy man!Car is bornCentre consoledash loomDashDiffDoor panelDoor panel insideV8 going inGetting closeV8 readyv8 ready 2How on earth will that fit?Check and checkEnough space for V8?Pipe runnot much roomExp tank fittedsuspension completeDone!!The real dealTight fit or whatFirst body fitfirst assemblyInner wingExhaust onNice ACFuel tankInner wing made upGear linkageWIPHandbrake finishSeatbelt fixingSVA seatbelt fixingSVA filled holesSVA rubberAbout to fit bodyLooking goodLeather trial fitv8 nearly inRear inner wingRear inner wingWiring nitemareOh my god!Clamp and glueEarly fit outInner without wing endPre 1st body fitBody adjustClean garageUndersealedRear brake fittedview to diffEarly body fitBody trial fitThanks boysStoneleigh 2000Loom runMAC CertMAC backExhaust 1What a clean garage!Safe and soundSVA exhaust silencerMummy wrapMummy wrap 2No bootCar is born view1st body fitLiftNice wheel!Oil diagramInner wing templateWing mirrorNot much chromeRad leakRad inFront inner wing inRolling chassisPride and joyLooks like a carrolling rearSVA screen washSeat belt fixingSVA modHood WIPHood WIP 2Hood onPedalsBelted upSpeedo wiringSpeedo transducerHalibrandTacho wiring1st TaxEngine 1st runUnder wrapsEngine in!!A big lumpTight squeezeWow V8SVA Exhaust muffler Mk2Car is born MarkScreen ventMould marksstep one body workHinge holesPilgrim factorySVA handleCobMy helpersCRCSummer sunTonneau templateDizzyDonorPilgrim factoryFog and Brake lightFootwell smoothingBody onStill WIPFuel senderFuel guageMOTPilgrimSumoSpeedo sensorCobStarterSVA failTemp guageOff to MOTTubV8 ompfVoltsSlideShow

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  1. Take 1 oily rag and 1 container of petrol. Allow them to permeate the air.  Breath deeply 
    • A true petrol head will sense the car!
    • A non petrol head will cough and exit the room.
  2. Then access the following beautiful V8 - speaker volume high. in the content below.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the V8 with these photos.

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