Wet weather gear

Well I finally reached this stage.

I didn't really want to drill more holes in the body but sods law dictates that even on the best day rain is a real possibility.

So I took the plunge... Double duck hood.

Step one Research..

Visit kit shows photo's of good/bad hoods.

CRC website - www.ac427.com  good stuff here!

I decided not to use the Lift a Dot fasteners supplied by Pilgrim. The stud is quite large, and I felt they put more strain on the GRP as you remove the hood. I used Tennex.

Results of research..

Fit hood when nice and warm [makes hood nice & supple]

Fit hood frame.

Loose fit over rollbar, ensure central and bar is just above rear window.

Check rear of hood, decide on fitting positions [I wanted to minimise fittings as I don't plan to use the hood too much]


Step 1.: Make a brown paper template.


Step 2: Select vendor.

You could make your own but I would not consider that.

Step 3: Fit.

I ensured that the soft top and tonneau used the same fixings.

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