The Body Shell

I plan to have the body sprayed but at £2.5 - 3K for the standard I'm looking for I may wait a while.
I therefore decided to have a Gel coat finish, I could then put off the final finish until the bank balance caught up.

This is 'as delivered' from Pilgrim. I am really impressed by the quality of the moulds & workmanship. The boot was the only part with mould marks and you have to look pretty close to see them.

All parts were bubble wrapped which was very useful to protect the parts as I worked on them.

I kept all visitors to the house in the dark with just a tantalising idea of what was...under wraps.


OK here she is starting to look right!

View of the small grill fixed with Silkaflex, I'll fit the inner wing after the SVA.

Taking a break from fitting the inner wing GRP panels [see matt ready for laying up on the floor]. Looking tasty.

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