Reading how a number of other builders got started I realise how lucky I am.

I have a double garage in the front drive of my house, with Power. Well it also has a fridge [now complete with vital supplies].

I also have three sons who were interested enough to add some labour.

However the garage was full of bikes, DIY left overs, loads of junk and Marian's [her indoors alias THE BOSS] car an old VW Golf.

As both of us bring a wage into the household it would be very difficult [and marriage limiting] for me to spend £15k plus on a hobby car when my good lady has a Y Reg tired old car.

So first I needed to find a suitable car.

Several weeks looking through the local paper revealed a great Vectra with Power steering, Aircon the works.

This led to one happy wife and the OK for me to start my 'Little Project'

Getting started…..

It did not take me very long to decide that I would rather shell out a few more quid and get a donor package from Pilgrim rather than have a rusty heap in my drive.

Less hassle for me.

I saw the video with snow/rain etc and could feel my knuckles hitting rusty steel in the cold.

Not for me!!


Less grief from 'her indoors' [Oil, mess, looks like a scrap yard!!  ]

I could start the project faster.


   Donor package plus first parts from Pilgrim.


Garage ready with the tub.


Yep it shines.

© Martin Underhill 2017