Inner wings

I found this job OK, but I know some hate it.

Rear inner wings.

How did I do it?

Step 1 - Make sure you have finished all you need to do in the boot, access will be much harder once the inner wings are fitted (don't forget the boot handle)

Step 2 - Jack up & remove wheel, then offer up the panel. I had to remove some to mate with the curve under the wing. Then mark the chassis pillar position on the panel (looking down the half shaft) and cut that off. You should then have an OK fit, pop rivet the panel to the chassis then you are ready to GRP.


The pink is my work fixing the Pilgrim panel (Black) to the body.


This shows the first seam joining the two. I applied 2 in the wheel arch and 1 from inside the boot.

Step 3 - Make a template of the front, lay up a 3 layer panel from the template, (see hints 'n tips) then fix while still 'green'


Front inner wing.

Before.. Drivers side looking backwards

Step 1

-make paper stencil -real pain, takes ages..

Step 2

, using smooth surface board [I used hardboard] trace outline from paper stencil.
# Tip - Use marker pen, ink is absorbed into resin and you can easily trim to shape.
Layup GRP, I used 3 layers of fibreglass and a stipple roller.

Step 3. Once the resin has started to harden but not cured [called green] peel off from the board. You then have the GRP panel. You can see the shape from the marker pen which has been absorbed into the resin. It's then easy to trim.

Step 4. Place panel into position and using strips of fibreglass fix into place.

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