I did have a little problem here....Head Vs heart!

Common sense said Rover V8...

  •     Enough power.
  •     Plenty of units.
  •     Ali block & therefore quite light.
  •     Lots of upgrade options to add some grunt.

Boys toys said American Muscle.... Chevy .... MMmmmmnnnn.

I watched the Car Is Born Video [I did not count but it must have been 12 or more times]

My sons all applied constant pressure..[you'll only do this once & might as well do what you really want]

I just had to go for the full experience   so Chevy 5.7 it had to be.


My Chevy 5.7 V8 ready for fitting, just waiting for engine mounts! [OK plus the truss I'll need after I've lifted the beast as it is HEAVY]

Well I hired the hoist and bribed my sons for some muscle and now the tub has a heart.


  Engine update 16/5/01 18:30 cough, splutter ROAR. She ran and WOW what a fantastic noise.

My baby is alive and I now have a real spur to move on with the build at a greater rate.

These snippets will only be of use if you have the same lump as me, a Chevy 350.

  • Gearbox oil - 80F Dexron 2
  • Engine oil - Castrol GTX
  • Oil pressure gauge, fitted using 3/16 straight brake fitting f/f [female/female]
  • Water temp sensor is located nr manifold
  • Water system is 13 psi.

-------------------------------------------  Post Build Issues  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Each year for 2 years the exhaust manifold blew.

I think it was that this was the weakest link in the system.

I found some copper race gaskets from www.summitracing.com and these fixed the issue for 500 miles.

At 510 miles while accelerating up a hill there was a horrible noise  oh dam [or something like that] I thought another gasket. I limped home and looking under the bonnet there was a piece of pipe?? The manifold [header] had broken.

Looking at it it has a heat fracture.


You can see in the pic above the good & broken header, below you can see the other fractures at the weld.


Investigating it looks like the whole system cannot cope with the gas flow from the Chevy [with my right foot to the floor]

So it's a new exhaust!!

I used www.shinybitz.co.uk to make up a custom system with a 4 branch, improved gas flow and horses to the rear wheels!


Final result with replaced the sidepipes, I'm really pleased with them as you can see!



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