This is the one area of the car that I was least confident about.

Logic tells me that electrics are black & white, right or wrong therefore straightforward. But they always stretch me most of all.
I just took things one step at a time and called Tony at Pilgrim when I got stuck, he has not let me down yet... Thanks Tony.

This is the hardest area, just work through the wires one at a time with the wiring diagram and by a process of elimination you can identify what is what.

I spent hours looking over the electrical diagram from my build manual.

What helped me was to photocopy/enlarge it up to A3.

I then went over the circuits with felt pens in the correct colour, this made it much easier to trace the circuits.

Note: Black/White and White/Black are NOT the same.

Read them as Black on White & White on black, with the underlying colour being prominent and the overlying colour being thinner.

When the circuit diagram said white/black in one area and black/white in another I thought they were the same...

I know better now. white/black is a white [thin] stripe on black..


I had some fun getting this lot all together. . . .  NOT.

Many thanks to Tony @ Pilgrim who gave loads of advice without making me feel like a complete twit.

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