Body Shell

I was really impressed with the quality of the Pilgrim shell.

Unless you plan to paint very early I'd suggest getting some Gel coat colouring from Pilgrim.

I made a few cockup's and managed to recover with some resin plus the colouring.

I do plan to have the car sprayed but not until I'm sure that all is in the right place and my car account has gone Black!!

Before you fit the body [and it will be on/off numerous times] clean up all edges. Take a good look at where seatbelt/ harness fittings etc will go. There are strengtheners in the resin for these and it's much easier to see now.

Fit bonnet [this is impossible once body is fitted].

Trim the sills, this will enable the body to be flexed in order to improve the door fitting. 25mm front to 0mm @ rear.

Follow build manual re-alignment.

I fitted front & rear but left the centre movable until I had the doors in place.

You'll need to trim back to enable tyre clearance on full lock, both front & rear.


Worst job of my build!! don't rush, do it in several bites.

Passenger door - Fit 10mm nuts as spacers under hinge.

 Drivers door direct to chassis.

Use Blue Tack to hold the door in place while you fit the hinges, you'll have much less adjustment to make.

Cut slots in the spacer washers so you can add, remove without having to remove the bolt.

Fitting the body.

Well this was it body meets rolling chassis.


Number 1 lift.............................. oh my god it is bending just at the back of the doors, in the weakest part. £2 grand soon to be in 2 parts!!


Number 2 shuffle ...........................  it did not break but will it fit?


Number 3 drop, no I mean lower slowly .  sills catch need a little flexing to fit. 

Need to trim sills 20mm front to 0 at rear to improve door fit.

Also trim notch for rear wishbone fixing.


Number 4  Wow.. I have a car...

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